Video: New Workshop for culture stone in Jiujiang

August16, 2018
by Beli Decoman

As you already know that China stone factories are going through some environmental problems with the government. Because it creates a lot of dust during the producing of stone factories.

People in China now paying more and more attention on environment. We all hope our children and grand children could have the blue sky and pure water.

With the purpose of having good air and environment in China and answer the government call, BIC becomes the first batch of factories to move into the industry zone and having the modern working shop.

Now we have already get through the environmental checking and got all the certificates of producing stone in China.

New workshop Characters:

  • Clear Zoning. Raw Material Zone, cutting zone, sawing zone, assembling zone, finished product area and Sewage treatment area
  • Water treatment. Cutting and sawing are both under water situation.
  • Sewage treatment system. Sewage water could be gather in a treatment tank and could be recycled.
  • Washing and cleaning the working sites everyday. We spray water every 4 hours and washing the working sites before we leaving.

With these 4 reasons, we become the fewer which got the permission to produce.

Now we have the capacity of 600m2 per day. We could stably supply you with our best products.

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