One-Stop Service for Home Decoration

One-Stop Service for Home Decoration

Belideco is a home decor solution team which could support you one-stop service for your tableware, exterior and interior.

What is one-stop service?

While you purchasing stone products from China, you have to thinking or facing the below things.

  • material choosing
  • shape designing
  • product producing
  • box designing
  • packaging selection & producing
  • shipping affairs

Usually customers always has their own design of materials, shapes, and packaging, what we need to do was only producing the products and then ship it out to our customers. But we have also got many demands that: Does Belideco could help to suggest the shape of the products or produce the boxes for us?

Through more than 10 years development, we have helped many customers to dealing the things of design, packaging and shipping. Now we have many reliable partners to work together supporting you with one-stop service of purchasing stone products from China.

  1. Belideco could provide free comprehensive consulting service to you with more than 10 years experience at this field. We could help you choose rightful materials,suitable size and attractive shape for your products. Production and producing are always what we specialized at. If have questions, just feel free to leave message on our website:
  2. Regarding for box packaging, we cooperate with some famous companies in China. Such as BPS, Box Packing Solution Co., Ltd. We have cooperated with BPS for more than 8 years, which could supported you well on your packing. 

  3. Belideco has signed contract with several big logistic companies, we can get quick, accurate and cost-effective shipping quote. No matter you want us to use express, sea shipping or air shipping, we are always able to cover your needs. For USA, AU, EU countries, we are available for DDU(delivery to door service). You just need to confirm order details with us in initial, and then waiting the cargo knocking your door.

One-stop Service is our strength and also our purpose. What we want is to make purchasing become easy and cheap. We have this capacity and ability to do it.

The main keywords of our products are:

Slate plate, Marble tableware, stone and wooden tableware, coaster and board, tray, cake stand, tags and marker, candle holder, handing crafts, memo board, picture frame, ledger stone and plant label.

We have 2 production line for culture stone and 2 production line for slate handiwork. Now our capacity for culture stone is 500m2/day, our capacity for slate handiwork is half container/day.

Main Characters of natural stone products

  • Natural appearance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Food safe
  • Easy Washing
  • Beautiful Decor

Meet Our Experienced Sales

Diego Xu

Sales Manager of Belislate, in charge of the ledger stone business from Belideco. has worked in stone industry for more than 3 years, Specialized at Ledger Stone and sourcing.

Victor Wu

More than 10 years experience of doing expeorting business, have an comprehensive knowledge of international business, logistics and packaging. Good at English and Communication. Email: